We are a company combined spinning, weaving and dyeing in a whole. We finish every step, from cotton to the finished goods all by ourselves, which enable us to save the cost, at the same time, the fabric quality can also be well controlled.


The company is equipped with world’s most advanced production machines, such as 23 rotary cup spinning airstreams imported from Switzerland and now has 50 thousand spindles of ring spinning。 The good quality yarn establishes a massy foundation for the weaving process。 Sometimes, the yarns can also be sold to make better profit on the base that it’s enough for our self-production。


4 sets sizing machines and 700 Japan Toyota air-jet looms make it possible to reach the daily output of 250 thousand meters. Experienced production management, advanced equipment, strong technical force and continuous development of new products enable our company to have great advantages over other peers in both quality standard and product structure optimization.